Monday 20 Feb 2017

Brand New Line Dance Division For 2014


Dear dancers,

During the recent WorldCDF Fall Meeting, the General Council has voted on important changes in the Line Dance divisions for next year.

Just after the upcoming 2014 World Championships, Line Classic and Line Showcase divisions will consist of 5 dances (Lilt, Smooth, Rise & Fall, Cuban and Novelty).

We are hoping that more Social dancers will step up to the Classic divisions. The "gap" between 3 and 6 dances was quite large and many dancers hesitated because of Funky. We are confident that without Funky, more dancers will move up to the Newcomer division.

We have made a video to help you understand this new division. Please click here to view.


So what happens with Funky?

Don’t worry, you will still be able to have fun and go wild on the dance floor …. we have created a brand new division packed with "Non country" dances.

This new division is called MODERN LINE.

You will have 3 times more fun with 3 dances available in every division (Newcomer, Novice, Intermediate and Advanced).

All the details will soon be published in the 2014 Rules book. Of course, there will be some basic Floorcraft and Graduation rules but we have kept the rest to a strict minimum so that you can all have fun when competing in this brand new division.

What do you need to know for now?

Until Worlds, all divisions remain as they are, but for events in 2014, you will be able to register in:

  • Classic Line (5 dances)
  • Showcase Line (5 dances)
  • Modern Line (3 dances)


You may of course only compete in Classic or Showcase … but if you want to go wild, you can also compete in Modern Line. No changes will be made to the Social, Renegade and Choreography divisions.

Line Dancers can also decide to only compete in Modern! So spread the word, tell all your friends in clubs at home to come and join the competition.

We have not forgotten our current Intermediate and Advanced dancers who wish to graduate to higher levels. Points from this new division may also count for graduation. All details will be found in the Rules book.

More information will be available in the next few weeks and a special competitor’s "Press Conference" will be planned during Worlds to answer all your questions.
We will also regularly answer your questions through News items on the WorldCDF website, so keep checking for updates.

We hope everyone will have fun on the dance floor …whether you wear boots or not!

The WorldCDF Management Team
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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